About us

We are a division of Coral Hospitality Corporation (CHC) in charge of the operation, management and administration of all inclusive hotels in the Dominican Republic.

The Coral Hotels & Resorts brings a legacy of over 11 years in the successful management of design hotels in different cities of the country.
The prefiijo "Coral" denotes experience, excellent service and high standards of quality in each properties in which it operates.

Our values are not only guiding our thoughts, but they are the backbone of everything we do. For us are our way of living.

Service Excellence
We depend on exceptional people to provide services at the highest level. We offer high standards and we support each other in order to achieve them.

Openness to change
The change is for us a culture that we live and adopt as many times as necessary to streamline any of our functions.

We depend on each other to achieve exceptional results, respecting and valuing individual differences that ultimately make us stronger and complete.

Love to work with a sense of belonging
Our work is more than half of life is our way of life. We pledge to always offer our best in everything we do.

Good humor, joy and hospitality
We conducted our work with the best of spirits, offering our best face inwards and outside the organization. Impeccable service is paramount to us, necessary and urgent.

Commitment to work and productivity
We are responsible for our actions and show ourselves as such. We have a high sense of responsibility to deliver agreed.

Conservation and environmental friendliness
We are aware of the impact we have individually and together in the community, people, businesses and the environment. We seek not contribute to environmental stresses, but rather preserve it and improve it.

Growth and Leadership
We have the necessary environment for performance that is converted to growth in our organization. We are leaders who respect the individuality of its employees, as well as appreciate and draw the best of their qualities.

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