Coral Kidz Paradise®

In Coral small are leaders!

Costa Caribe offers families a special service for children 4-12 years old.

Variety of unique activities for the little ones, a special space intended for fun!

The Chocolate Friends will take care of them and will make for an extraordinary day and very entertaining. With a new calendar every day, child program Coral Kidz Club® meets the needs of younger fun.

Among the daily activities of Coralin Kidz Club:

  • Daily activities program
  • Childrens Lunch at Amber
  • Games on the beach
  • games
  • football
  • Visual Arts and Crafts
  • Painting on paper and ceramic
  • Two TVs with childrens programming
  • Pool Party
  • Practice and lessons in basketball, volleyball and tennis.
  • Games Mini Golf Hotel
  • Boating once a week
  • Childrens pool 2 feet deep
  • Outdoor activities
  • Mini disco at 20:30
  • Children Talent show

The Coralin Kidz Paradize also offers parents the option to celebrate the birthday of their children in the área.Los parents choose whether to keep children inside the room or hotel areas, manned by our nannies, Fashion more responsible and careful as possible so that parents feel safe and calm of the service provided.

(*) Additional fees may apply for childcare and birthdays.